The AVANT 700 combines all the core values of an AVANT, work efficiency and manoeuvrability, versatility, ergonomics and safety. But the AVANT 700 series lifts AVANT to a whole new level, capable of handling a 1400 kg load without the need for any extra counterweights. The AVANT 700 can safely and precisely lift and transport anything from stone pallets to heavy round bales.

AVANT’s off centre boom construction guarantees excellent unrestricted field of view of both the work area and the attachment itself. The telescopic boom and hydraulic boom self-levelling further improve the already top of class load-handling capabilities of the AVANT 700.

The cornerstone of AVANT’s success is versatility: modular design of the basic machine together with over 100 attachments makes AVANT an unbeatable package.




  1. Lifting Capacity, the Avant 700 has the largest lifting capacity and pulling force. With larger outside dimensions naturally giving a better balance to the lifting weight. The lifting capacity of the 700-series is 1400 kg with a maximal breakout force that is 35% higher than the 600-series. The maximum lift height is 3080mm, and the telescopic boom comes as a standard feature.
  1. Maximum speed, with all that heavy lifting ability the AVANT 700 is still capable of a top speed of 30 km/h, crucial for all those jobs where a higher drive speed is important.
  1. A Versatile Machine, the AVANT is a superb multipurpose machine. The compact four-wheel drive loader has excellent rough terrain capabilities and can easily handle and transport loose materials, timber, pallets, and big bags on sites. The site mobility allows for reductions in labour requirements and increased work rates. Saving both time and money. Its light weight allows for easy transportation by trailer from yard to site. The AVANT 700 provides one platform for a range of tasks for material handling with each attachment. The AVANT 700 is fully compatible with all available attachments from breakers, trenchers and backhoes, to cement mixers barrels, and sweeper brushes. This unparalleled versatility reduces the number of machines required on-site, and the number that need to be hired. Again proving the cost-effectiveness and simplicity attained when hiring an AVANT.
  1. More power to attachments with powerful auxiliary hydraulics, an oil flow of 70 l/min, and a diesel engine capable of outputting 57 horsepower you can rest assured that there is more than enough power to both drive and operate the attachment.
  1. Comfort, the AVANT 700 series has a longer wheelbase with larger wheel size, both contribute to a more stable drive and increased comfort, particularly at higher speeds.

The Avant 700 is a versatile machine perfect for most Landscaping, Property Maintenance and Farming:

  1. Landscaping  (including landscape maintenance and tree works)
  2. Property Maintenance (including lawn mowing, leaf collecting, sweeping, sand and snow removal)
  3. Farming (including stock feeding, the handling of silage, hay, straw and manure, cleaning jobs and building works.)